Review Of Korean Film Parasite

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Parasite is also in a Korean tradition of pictures such as Kim Ki young's classic thriller The Housemaid from , remade in by Im Sang soo, and also Park Chan wook's servant class con . Parasite review a gasp inducing T he ideal way to experience South Korean auteur Bong Joon ho's awards garlanded, Perfectly accompanying the film's tonal shifts is Jung Jae il's . Critics Pick Film Review 'Parasite' Korean auteur Bong Joon ho is on excoriating form in his exceptional pitch black tragicomedy about social inequality in modern Korea.. Enggak heran kalau film Parasite bisa dapet standing ovation selama lima menit di Festival Film Cannes . *** Film ini enggak hanya jadi salah satu andalan Box Office Korea, tapi juga jadi film yang dapat skor di Rotten Tomatoes dan , di IMDb..Courtesy of CJ Entertainment. Parasite is famed Korean director Bong Joon ho's ninth feature film, and his first to receive an award at the Cannes Film Festival. By winning Cannes' coveted Palme d'Or this year, Bong broke a glass ceilingno Korean directors have won the prize before..Parasite, starring Lee Sun kyun left and Cho Yeo jeong, takes a "microscopic" look at two families one rich, one poor. A mostly successful detour into morally complex social realism. TWITTER.