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Antrum also known as Antrum The Deadliest Film Ever Made is a Canadian mockumentary horror film written and directed by David Amito and Michael Laicini. The film is divided into two parts an opening and closing frame narrative in the form of a mockumentary and a feature film. The documentary purports to tell the story of Antrum, a movie released in the late s that supposedly has .PLOT Said to be a cursed film from the late s, Antrum centers on a young boy and girl who enter the forest to dig a hole to hell. REVIEW "Since the dawn of cinema, we've been making movies .Antrum, a feature length film shot in the late 's, is said to be cursed. In , a movie theatre in Budapest that was screening the film burnt to the ground, killing the people who were in .'Antrum The Deadliest Film Ever Made' Review A Horror Movie About a Horror Movie That Kills People Who Watch It and Uh, You're Watching It [Sitges ] Posted on Thursday, October th .Antrum is essentially a film within a film the full title refers to the documentary style commentary which is given before and a little after the main film itself simply called Antrum. I'm therefore reluctant to shorten the title in this article, other than to refer to the central film, in case of confusing the reader as to which aspect I'm referring to..Antrum The Deadliest Film Ever Made Reviews. Movie Reviews By Reviewer with perhaps more attention paid to the cosmetic appearance of this 'lost film from the s' than to a film which .The film succeeds in creating a creepy atmosphere. It is not as scary as some people in the review mentioned, it is definitely creepy and an interesting watch. Plot The film starts by introducing the legend of the film named Antrum. It is said to be cursed and anyone who saw itd. The Antrum starts..Antrum The Deadliest Film Every Made is an odd beast, and anyone interested in viewing it should be made aware of that right away. The film features a framing mockumentary about the titular "lost" 's film a modern retro affair which caused numerous mysteriouss and was rarely screened..Antrum The Deadliest Film Ever Made, . Directed by David Amito and Michael Laicini. Starring Nicole Tompkins, Rowan Smyth, Dan Istrate, Circus Szalewski, and Shu Sakimoto. SYNOPSIS A young .Antrum ada film yang rilis di bioskop Amerika pada . Menceritakan seorang anak kecil dan gadis remaja memasuki hutan setelah anjing peliharaannya mati. Mencoba untuk menghidupkan .